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Reviews from
Crystal Touch I

by Thushan Ushanka

 19 total reviews 
Comment by

#4 Ranked Reviewer

The song sounds nice, but a lot of the instruments sound a little basic, as if it's been exported from a program with very general MIDI sounds. If it's a recording, then maybe it's just the recording quality.

I like the simplicity of the piano at the beginning, and the same higher melody on the piano is nice. The lower accompanying bassline from the piano is good too, but sounds too far away.

The drums could've been slightly amped up a bit, but they have a good sound.

The ending was a bit abrupt haha.

Nice song

 Comment Written 11-Sep-2018

Comment by
Jimi Seven
Music Rating

#3 Ranked Reviewer

everything about your track sounds good,it came so clear,and you sing well,the melody is great,the rhythm is great

 Comment Written 27-Sep-2017

Comment by
Review Stars

The melody would be excellent for a music box. It is simplistic and easy to listen to. The bass is really nice and shows a bit of improvisation.


 Comment Written 21-Jan-2016

Comment by
Edward Schaffer

This could b better. Seems there is quite a bit of distortion in this which distracts from listening to and enjoying the piece. This does have potential, but until you get the production problems ironed out, this will be less than satisfactory.

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 Comment Written 24-Dec-2014

Comment by
2012 Artist of the Year

This piece of music definitely has a crystal touch. Nice work. I like it - good feeling. It is kind of a joyful sound. Like the bass line too. Well done!

 Comment Written 06-Dec-2013

Comment by

only music, wow, niyamai, hansi wela paduwe ahanna puluwan track ekak, oya niyama waddek ne Thushan, jaya

 Comment Written 15-Apr-2013

reply by the artist on 02-May-2013
    Thanks Senaka Lokuaarachchi................
Comment by

this is feel better, I didn't know about your musical talent, so wonderful, piano sound talked me when I get a nap,

 Comment Written 04-Apr-2013

reply by the artist on 05-Apr-2013
    thanks WaltaRajamanthri................
Comment by

mama hansi wela hondata rasa winda, itha anargai, piano sound eka ithamath hondin grahanaya karagena thiyenawa, me wage honda nirmana thawa thawath karanna oyata shaktiya labewa

 Comment Written 23-Feb-2013

reply by the artist on 24-Feb-2013
    Thanks Wasana..................
Comment by

meyath itha anarga sangeetha kandayak, mata mathak wenne Beethoven wa, niskalankawa asiya haki, kanata priya ithamath sundara sangeetha kaandayak

 Comment Written 22-Feb-2013

reply by the artist on 23-Feb-2013
    Thanks Wasanthi.................
Comment by

sha ela, me wage ewa karana Sri Lankawe aya adui, oyatanam mara talent ekak thiyenne, digatama me wage honda nirmana karanna, jaya wewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

 Comment Written 21-Feb-2013

reply by the artist on 22-Feb-2013
    Thanks Sapumal
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