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Reviews from
The Red Fluid - Phobia


 3 total reviews 
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Very interesting percussion in this piece. and the solo voice singing one note repeatedly implies lots of things. It definitely builds tension, the kind like something is about to happen.

Very cinema style. Very nice.

 Comment Written 01-Sep-2016

Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  11

This one sent shivers down my spine. I'm thrown into a nightmarish world of dark shapes and unexplained figures, my worst fears are threatening to consume me at every turn. This would be fabulous for a horror film, very creepy! You seem to have the ability to conjure very strong images in your music, and although your music is generally pretty short, it's very effective and thought provoking. Enjoyed a lot.

Best Wishes...Kerri Powles

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2013

Comment by

This one is very haunting; most of your tracks have that quality, a sort of ethereal call to... something. Once again, it makes me wonder about the story behind it; and especially the title. Frankly, it's very fitting for the sound... I know from experience. This is sort of chilling...

 Comment Written 13-Feb-2013

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