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Reviews from
The Red Fluid - Good Morning Violet


 7 total reviews 
Comment by

lovely. I'm not sure the ambient sounds were just there or were recorded especially for this but . . . it was great. as if the music was gently incidental to what was occurring "off-screen" if you will . . . what ever that may have been.
the understated melody and spare arrangement are good for the soul.I also very much enjoy cryptic titles (the red fluid?) which hint at a storyline (blood?- but not necessarily) and add mystery.

 Comment Written 11-Feb-2013

Comment by

This is exquisite. I simply love the sound, and the overall quality of the piece. As a composer, I'm almost jealous of your arrangement, here: it's just unbelievably lovely. Excellent piece. Excellent.

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2013

Comment by
Colored Emotion

You make some really nice cinematics. The only thing that I'd like to be different is the duration of the song!

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2013

Comment by

This is a very relaxing and enjoyable song. Your background songs are perfect. The music is simply beautiful. A wonderful job!

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2013

Comment by

When i was a boy, every summer i would spend on contyide with mu brother and sisters. We wouuld play near a river in the wood, and would pick up strawberies and bluberies. This song reminds me on that period. Very emotional and relaxing.

 Comment Written 08-Feb-2013

Comment by

I really can't find words for your creativity,you are the greatest music master i've ever met,this song is really something special :)

 Comment Written 07-Feb-2013

Comment by

I really liked this very good recording with classical instruments. I can here it as either a theme or some bed music for a movie or a tv show especially that is set in a classical time like Downton Abbey. good job.

 Comment Written 06-Feb-2013

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