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Reviews from
Oh Lord I give you thanks.

A song of thanks to our Lord Jesus christ.

 4 total reviews 
Comment by
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  Rank:  16

This is a very calming track. The orchestration is very nice and the usage of the woodwind section is very nicely done. I thought the strings might have been a bit brighter (more high end) than they are, but that's just my opinion.

Very nice work.

 Comment Written 16-Feb-2016

reply by the artist on 18-Apr-2016
    Thank you :) As i wrote, it is a song of thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  8

I for one thought this is a fabulous piece! Very strong, powerful piece of music that conjures up images of God and the sheer wonder of his creations. This would lend itself very well to a theme for a film. Loved it my friend!

You wrote recently asking if I had any contact with Adele as you have a piece of music that would suit her voice? I'm sorry but it's virtually impossible to be in contact with anyone in the music business in this country, unless you move in incredibly high circles, which I don't. I'm just an ordinary housewife that enjoys composing music as a hobby. I have tried many times to take my music further, but most of the time I just keep getting knocked back. Your best bet is to just keep putting your music on sites such as this, at the very least your music is being heard and giving pleasure to others. Sorry can't be of any further help in this regard, but don't give up the dream.

 Comment Written 24-Jan-2013

reply by the artist on 25-Jan-2013
    Thank you so much. I appreciate. Thanks for your encouragement. And i'll also encourage you. Never Give up! You're appreciated a lot.
Comment by

i like the concept in this song. however,this song has a poor rhythm and is monotonous not to mention the uneccessarily long intro which seems to suggest ideas were lacking in this composition. also, a song of thanks to jesus with no vocals verbally expressing this, also scores low in my score book. thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2013

reply by the artist on 24-Jan-2013
    Hmm. Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry i was'nt able to put vocals in it,but it does have words. And its a Classical music piece, the beginning was more like a piano introduction to the Song. I couldnt put vocals because i did it with a sofware, Fruity loops. If you listen well, the violin has the melody of the vocals. I hope for that day, it would be performed.
Comment by

A hauntingly beautiful piece of music very much in a movie theme kind of mode. I can imagine a vista like the Holy Land in the background while the camera switfly pans out over hills and mountains showing off God's creation and ending in a glimpse of verdant pastures or a cooling stream or lake in the desert! Just my vivid imagination - anyway, I enjoyed it and can't think of anything to improve it!

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2013

reply by the artist on 24-Jan-2013
    Thank you so much. I appreciate. I love your imagination. I like people that can create ideas out of what they hear or see. Keep it up! It will make you become better every second. I truly hope foe the day this piece would be performed. I wish i could get contacts to an orchestra for performance. Thanks so much!
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