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Reviews from
The Rise of a Hero

Use your imagination to picture what you hear

 4 total reviews 
Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

Very interesting composition. The intro is unique and sounds almost like an old ragtime band. The radio chatter was a nice addition. I think the blend of styles is a very interesting aspect of the music presented here.

The orchestration is very well done and adds significantly to the dynamics of the piece.

 Comment Written 16-Feb-2016

reply by the artist on 18-Apr-2016
    I'm glad you liked it :) Thank you :)
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  8

Very impressed with this piece. To begin with the introduction had a almost Super Mario quality about it, but this soon changed to a much more dramatic action packed/sci-fi feel! Strange contrast almost, but you seem to have pulled it off incredibly well. I could imagine this in a film where the hero has to save a planet from destruction by unfriendly alien forces. Great stuff! Best wishes..Kerri Powles

 Comment Written 07-Jan-2013

reply by the artist on 07-Jan-2013
    Thanks so much Kerri Powles! Its so nice to have met someone like you in the same field of Classical music as my passion also is! It's an honour and to meet you!

reply by Kerri Powles on 09-Jan-2013
    Many thanks. The feeling is mutual
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked Reviewer

WOW!THE rhythm sounds good and has a great potential to capture the listening attention,however,it seems you ended abruptly

 Comment Written 04-Jan-2013

reply by the artist on 05-Jan-2013
    Thanks man! I appreciate big time! My dream really is to perform infront of an orchestra, and to do soundtracks for movies. Hook me up please. Thanks again.
Comment by
Music Rating

Original, upbeat, fresh and all of the above. The transistion from the intro to the climax of the song was put together brilliantly. I gather from listening to it that you may not be completely finished with the song but I know that when you are this song will be blowing the roof off of some places. Keep it real and keep doing it big.

 Comment Written 04-Jan-2013

reply by the artist on 05-Jan-2013
    Thanks DJmystroxx! I appreciate a lot! Please hook me up with any one interested in doing a movie soundtrack. Really looking forward to doing songs for movies. Thanks again!
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