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Reviews from
It's a treat

A good love treat

 16 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven
Music Rating

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

Not sure how I missed this little gem.

Great job singing this. Catchy tune.This can be played for Halloween. LOL

You need to post some more songs. You are quite talented!

Keep writing and playing!

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2017

reply by the artist on 11-Oct-2017
    Thank you for making me feel;I am trying to get better
Comment by
Music Rating

A great love treat title itself is amazing, mind blowing, ur voice is very cute with different variations, keep rocking always sir, have a nice day.

 Comment Written 11-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 11-Mar-2016
    thank you very much
Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

This track has a nice up tempo feel that carries the feel through out. That definitely helps the commercial appeal.

The lyrics sound like you have a good message, but without them being posted some of the vocal track is a bit hard to understand.

The Autotune really helps to smooth out the correctness of the notes being sung, however, the coloration seems just a bit much at times.

The commercial appeal is excellent.

 Comment Written 15-Feb-2016

reply by the artist on 16-Feb-2016
    thank you ,well noted
Comment by

I like your music Frankie, Your voice has a comforting feel to it I like your accent a lot and I really don't hear too much of your type of music in my area I hope to see you put out a CD sometime so I can pick one up.

-august will decay

 Comment Written 25-Sep-2015

reply by the artist on 26-Sep-2015
    thank you very much
Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

I personally despise autotune, but i feel the usage in this track. It has a real potential to be a hit in this electric hyper field that they seem to be craving now a days. It also has a cool background groove that keeps people like me in it. And I enjoyed the hook a great bit. cheers mate

 Comment Written 14-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 14-Aug-2015
    thank you very much for your in-depth knowledge of music and taking your precious time to review my tracks

reply by Kakalaki Kid on 14-Aug-2015
    I personally can't wait to hear more from you mate, but i can't guarantee I'll still be here on this site for much longer. But however i am EVERYWHERE that TRULY MATTERS!!.. Keep in touch mate..cheers And Ps. I have something big in the works, I'd like to keep you in mind for. If you are even kinda interested hit me up and I'll give you the details.. Your young desire and skill level are the kind of things we think people need to hear in this project. We have the message, we just need new people and new styles to deliver that message. Cheers And just a hint since I'm dying odds are it's about something like that..lOl Cheers mate
Comment by
Dianna Paige

Love the groove...would have liked to see lyrics posted. Like the effects on your vocal - definitely would go over well in club scene - keep 'em coming...

 Comment Written 22-Mar-2014

reply by the artist on 24-Mar-2014
    thank you very much,i appreciate;what's up with your website?

reply by Dianna Paige on 08-Apr-2014
    You are welcome. Are you not able to view my website?

reply by Dianna Paige on 08-Apr-2014
    You are welcome. Are you not able to view my website?
Comment by
Ali star

I like the effects used on the vocals
Needs more of a catch, like more instruments in some parts maybe
Sounds a little bit like the black eyed peas

 Comment Written 07-Feb-2014

reply by the artist on 10-Feb-2014
    thank you very much,your suggestion will be very helpful,and well noted
Comment by

Good job. Love the beat and flow of your words and mix. Sounds like Frankie. Ever hear him? Oh AWE! Very good, mind Blowing Island sound.

 Comment Written 07-Feb-2014

reply by the artist on 10-Feb-2014
    thank you very much;God bless you for the encouragement
Comment by
Music Rating

awesome awesome i really like the tune you have talents keep doing it and never stop chasing your dreams if you love doing something keep doing it .

 Comment Written 07-Feb-2014

reply by the artist on 07-Feb-2014
    thank you very much,i appreciate
Comment by
BoiWyatt Gray
Music Rating

I really like this. Very catchy and upbeat. great music to chill to. It would be cool if there was more suspense built in the beginning but this totally works.

 Comment Written 06-Feb-2014

reply by the artist on 07-Feb-2014
    thank you very much
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