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Reviews from
Stay the Path

Insightful and reflective, almost a march, Celtic,

 8 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven

#3 Ranked Reviewer

Very pretty music with the different sounds you introduce throughout. It's like a magical forest as we take a peek into the different aspects of nature, with scurrying about and water falling.

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2017

Comment by
Review Stars

Very subtle piece. I like the very quiet approach. This makes for great listening while reading a good book or just relaxing in the desert watching the sun set over the mountains.

The intermittent percussion adds another dimension to the piece and is a very pleasing diversion. And yes, the Celtic influence is very apparent.

Your seemingly relaxed approach is very pleasing and appealing to the senses.

 Comment Written 13-Feb-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

This is very good..its like a song off the higjlands. Then the keys come in.. nice mate. enjoy this too

 Comment Written 11-Aug-2015

Comment by

When I listen closely, I hear the structure to the song. You keep it interesting without losing the thread of the idea.

 Comment Written 27-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 28-Oct-2012
    WOW< second comment about musical composition and structure. I believe that you must have structure, and then add the suprise to a piece by slipping aways from it now and again.. Thank-you JON
Comment by

Masterful tonal enhancement dedicated to the smooth harmonical enhancement with the elegant densities established upon the fundamental structures of the professional classical orchestrations.

 Comment Written 25-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 27-Oct-2012
    How can I thank you so much,,,,? I love all those things and am more than excited that my message traveled to you and touch you as well,,, JON
Comment by

Nice melody ... nice instrument ... I really like the combinations ... it tells great story ... recording is great.

 Comment Written 23-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Oct-2012
    Thanks for the listen, hope to hear some of your music soon,,,,, jon
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

Your music sounds so good;it's beautifully played and the instrumentation and rhythm alike is great to appeal to listeners attention

 Comment Written 23-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Oct-2012
    Thank you so much for listening and the great comments,, music mean so much to me ,, Jon
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  10

Again Jon, In my eyes this is worthy of a 6 rating but unfortunately I have run out of my allowance.
The path that we take on our journey through life is a long and difficult one, fraught with pitfalls and potential dangers along the way, but we are forever striving for the right path, the path that leads us to a greater understanding of who and what we truly are.
Oh yes indeed, I can hear the Celtic influence very strongly indeed, I even thought I could detect a South American Indian influence creeping in. I feel that as we travel the path, we are very much influenced on a spiritual level by the memory genes of out ancestors, so having these different cultural blends thrown into the mix only adds to the experience.
Stunning work!!
I am soon to be posting a piece that I have just written entitled 'Out of this World', which paints a picture of what I imagine it would be like to experience an out-of-body experience, I hope you like it.
I also have Southern Irish blood on my Grandmothers side, and live in a very beautiful part of Wales. You would hear the Celtic influence in my piece entitled 'Meadow Sweet'.

 Comment Written 23-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Oct-2012
    Kerri, I cannot wait to hear this song of yours as well. My heart is in my music, and I always compose songs with themes or events I have lived and know. That is the key, isn't it? Well here I go again, staying the path!,,
    Thanks for your beautiful words of incouragement,, jon

reply by Kerri Powles on 23-Oct-2012
    I feel certain your Path is the right one Jon....Kerri
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