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Reviews from

From collection EVER ,, Jon C Sebastian 2012

 9 total reviews 
Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  19

Excellent work Jon. Your music is very moving and causes one to be rather introspective at times because of your calm, serene approach.

The percussion in this piece really adds a dynamic character to the composition. Orchestration here, is very well done and in a league with the best of the genre.

I am a big fan of New Age music (we call it space music back home). You are among the best.

 Comment Written 13-Feb-2016

Comment by

Nice music but I don't get overly emotional listening to it. I would like to but it seems a little too spiritual or something. Not a musician so I have trouble describing.

 Comment Written 28-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 30-Oct-2012
    ok, so you don't get it,,,, to each her own. helps not to be stoned

reply by MaggieMay on 04-Dec-2012
    Excuse me?
Comment by

Oh, this is a classical delight and explains passions under full subtle shines. Very nice arrangement and his temper is as gracious as it can be.

 Comment Written 28-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 28-Oct-2012
    OH, thank-you once again,,,,,!
Comment by

Great composer ... great thinking ... it sounds like a professor play ... really like the recording ... nice piece.

 Comment Written 23-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 24-Oct-2012
    Thank you so much for your words,,, I hope my emotions came through as I is a piece that touches parts of what we cannot see or feel. but know that we are EVER here , JON
Comment by

This expresses the deep personal from a highly intellectural perspective. Almost leading the influence inward to a fantasy land. Melody flows at the extraordinary smooth mode.

 Comment Written 22-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Oct-2012
    Many thanks for your beautiful words. I am so thrilled to be exchanging creations with piers whose words make my own efforts to communicate through my music, complete! The circle is now complete! Jon
Comment by
Milla Kara

Everyone sees what he carries in his heart! The same for listening to the music!I can not stay indifferent to music with a message and emotion, and I think that despite the numbers of stars the meaningful music will always shine with its unique beauty! Great work!

 Comment Written 22-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Oct-2012
    What beautiful words you have for me, MillaKara. My inspiration for this piece was the permanence of the soul, and the part of us that travel on long after we have touched this Earthly place. I know we are more than we appear to be, I hope that is what you felt herein... Thank-you again, JON
Comment by

Dont care much for empty fake feelings.Music like this is made just for money.Show any originality and i be glad to hear.

 Comment Written 21-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 21-Oct-2012
    Someone should explain to you the difference between MUSIC aas this is "FanMusic" and noise... Lets see who has the most FANS in a month.. JON
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  6

This is absolutely beautiful! More of this genre of music I would like to her on this site! I love the delicate piano playing and the flute and harp are exquisite. I could envisage myself being in a forest with the dappled sunlight coming through the trees, the soft drum I hear as a woodpecker in the far distance. The sheer beauty of nature enveloping me. I don't know if this is what you were trying to portray, but this is my interpretation, and I guess we all interpret music differently anyway. Wonderful music my friend!! Best wishes to you and good luck in any future undertakings you may have.

 Comment Written 21-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 21-Oct-2012
    Thank you so much, I will be posting many more songs such as this,,,, This is my style and I have many songs that express great emotion for the listener, I love your interpretation! JON

reply by Kerri Powles on 21-Oct-2012
    You are more than welcome. Looking forward to hearing more.
Comment by
Eric Grow

beautiful song! very peaceful and easy listening. expresses alot of feeling and emotion.Excellent recording.

 Comment Written 21-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 21-Oct-2012
    Thanks for the review,,,, I try very hard to bring the emotion to the listener by disguising the tools used to do so.. A smooth and professional approach and classical piano training have certainly helped. So glad that you enjoyed my post!

reply by the artist on 22-Oct-2012
    Thank you Eric,,, I will check out your work as well
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