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Reviews from
Nothing will be changed

I don't know if vocals are not too much !

 6 total reviews 
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Great intro. The vocals are not too much and they sound great. You have a very good voice with a nice range that has some interesting and memorable characteristics.

This piece is jazzy and soulful at the same time. Great combination if technique and feel. The guitar solo is very good and the tonal qualities fit nicely in the mix.

Again, the vocal sounds great. It's powerful, unique and memorable. Very tastefully done.

 Comment Written 29-Apr-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

Nothing will change on these high anyways this was a cool song. it reminded me of the first time a heard a lounge singer and was like woo that's a cool A style. Iwas like 7. this is still one of my favorite style of singing. It;s free and it's a true style. Cheers mate

 Comment Written 12-Aug-2015

Comment by
2012 Artist of the Year

This one is one of my new favourite Paco Reth songs. Fantastic playing, singing, emotion. Great melody. Important content! What a talent you are!!! Hope you don't mind if I correct your English for you: (mostly you use 'the' and 's' incorrectly):

It may be too late for heaven on earth, ;cause we spend our time destroying our mother nature!--And everyday.....everyday...everyday we don't respect our mother nature...and everyday---We must save humanity from itself and let life continue...

This is definitely a 6 star song but I've apparently given you your limit of 6 stars this month. ;)

 Comment Written 21-Aug-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Aug-2012
    Thank you very much Sue. I'm here to learn and to improve my english ! Many thanks for the correction !!! I'll soon do another version. If i can do something for you, just tell me !!! Kiss from France ;) <>

reply by SueClayton on 23-Aug-2012
    Hi! I'm an English language teacher, so I couldn't help myself. ;)
Comment by
Music Rating

Nice guitar, nice lyrics, nice intentions. We need more music like this out there, not self-centered, but heading for a bigger purpose and helping each other and mother nature. I like it!

 Comment Written 16-Aug-2012

reply by the artist on 19-Aug-2012
    Thank you very much !
Comment by
Review Stars

Right "vocals are not too much". Probably the problem is not that you sing bad - you sing better then very well. But this song's genre doesn't suit your voice. I think it needs high tone falcate voice.

 Comment Written 16-Aug-2012

reply by the artist on 19-Aug-2012
    Thank you datka, you're probably right, maybe my voice is the problem, not the way i use it ... Thank you for the review !!!
Comment by

Wow, this is so different than your other tracks and is definitely my favorite by far. Very spiritual and truthful
in its delivery. Soulful and moving I'm blown away brother!!

 Comment Written 13-Aug-2012

reply by the artist on 14-Aug-2012
    lol thank you bro' ;)
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