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 6 total reviews 
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Review Stars

Great lyrics that tell a life story that many can relate to. It seems that this is the sentiment of many.

The groove is very good and the instrumentation kicks. The smooth groove and the raspy vocal are a great combination and the music actually makes the vocal more noticeable.

The music is excellent and a great compliment to your voice. It sounds as if you have found a niche'.

Great work.

 Comment Written 29-Apr-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

You have a style of your won that seems to be well mastered. i enjoy it very much. And you put that to all the right grooves. The lyric are funky for this one mate.. Jamming

 Comment Written 12-Aug-2015

Comment by

wow that's called just cool rocking man. the voice is just fantastic, lively, great jamming man. i just loved the beats the singing and the band. what a performance. i really enjoyed it thanks and keep it going. all the best.

 Comment Written 12-Aug-2012

reply by the artist on 12-Aug-2012
    Thank you balajiram !
Comment by
2012 Artist of the Year

Love your playing - lyrics resonate with my heart - singing is awesome. You are a very loveable artist. Never stop doing what you do! Shine on and on and on! You deserve to be at the TOP of the charts!

 Comment Written 10-Aug-2012

reply by the artist on 11-Aug-2012
    Thank you very much Sue ! A singer like you who tell me that my vocals are good is ... incredible ! I'm not a singer, i just try to do with my poor vocal skills ;)

reply by SueClayton on 11-Aug-2012
    I love what you call 'your poor vocal skills'. Your voice has a character of its own. Great character!
Comment by
Review Stars

Very good funky song, but looks like this time you worked less on mixing and audio balance: 1. You need to increase low frequency's on equalizer. 2. Vocals is little bit low level for the background. Usually your other songs are perfectly adjusted.

 Comment Written 09-Aug-2012

reply by the artist on 09-Aug-2012
    Thank you datka ! I will do another mix then !
Comment by
Music Rating
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  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

nice piece of music,the rhythm is good,and i like the lyrics,i believe others would like it too,i wish you the best in your undertakings

 Comment Written 08-Aug-2012

reply by the artist on 08-Aug-2012
    Thank you very much Frankie !
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