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Reviews from
bun bunz ft.l.dub

all shapes and sizes

 18 total reviews 
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This is an excellent piece of music with a great rap. The lyrics tell an interesting story that is rather amusing. The groove set by the music is great behind the rap.

This is definitely a winning piece of music.

 Comment Written 21-Jan-2016

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enjoyed the song, nice creativity. The hook is definately catchy. Check out my music

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 Comment Written 30-May-2013

Comment by

Oh! A little too aggressive for me, but I do respect the singer's style. Nice vocal reaches the peak of common expectation.

 Comment Written 28-Oct-2012

Comment by
Ex Ray

Real good song. The music really gives a clear image. The harmony fits well and makes one wait for it to come in.

 Comment Written 24-Oct-2012

Comment by

Excellent song, really enjoyed it. Good improvising to this jam session. Very well played and nice emphasis!

 Comment Written 21-Oct-2012

Comment by

Put together catchy. Like the vocal in the mix. Curious about its change over the rhythm and associated story.

 Comment Written 17-Oct-2012

Comment by

Hear this type of talkive style in commercial often. The performer snaps at the major point when the beat rolls back and forth.

 Comment Written 12-Oct-2012

Comment by

Well played and recorded song. Took a little while to get going. Everything sounds very clean and professional. Great job!

 Comment Written 11-Oct-2012

Comment by

Love the beat. The song is blended great. I can image it being played on a club sound system. Great job!

 Comment Written 06-Oct-2012

Comment by

Much modern rap swinged around the striking instrumental sets. Vocal followed by the steel rocked beat.

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2012

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