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Reviews from
Something To Make Me Sing

A happy, kick butt song

 19 total reviews 
Comment by

Much uplifting feel here. Highrise voice keeps joys active. Wow, energetic loop circles in exciting way. Interesting story in chorus.

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2012

Comment by

You always make great efforts on fascinate your audience. High and bright voice brings happiness to everyone. Good recording, flawless, I must say.

 Comment Written 24-Jun-2012

Comment by

Cool! Heavy and hardy song. Love cute voice. Shine ya way to paradise. Swing joy gonna stay high five forever. Idol play!

 Comment Written 14-Jun-2012

Comment by
pro V tein

Positivities all the way! Feelings the world from all directions. Excellent sky waving and stand up to be famous. Nice combinations of instruments.

 Comment Written 05-Jun-2012

Comment by

Like the bright and cheerful female voice. Amount of legendary uplifters are super in high quality musical senses. Overall, very dramatic.

 Comment Written 02-Jun-2012

Comment by

Great stuff! Love this song on many levels. Almost flawless, relaxing and delivers love in a way to describe the talents. Bright, clear and very enjoyable.

 Comment Written 31-May-2012

Comment by

Very pleasing to the ears. There is a big audience circle for this type of song. Lyrics are well written with strong interests. Happy and engaging in new life is what come to my mind at first.

 Comment Written 10-May-2012

Comment by
Rob Rideout
Review Stars

I like the timing of how the vocals are sung. Good country song with harmony on chorus. Traditional fiddle part works well. Good country voice for this uptempo song.

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 Comment Written 09-May-2012

Comment by

Great song excellent job vocally and good instrumentation. But what I love the most is that you can hear a smile in your voice,so I know you were having fun performing it! Awesome Job!

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 Comment Written 08-May-2012

reply by the artist on 09-May-2012
    thank you. I hope it made you smile too!
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