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Reviews from
Losing my senses

For you madame

 6 total reviews 
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Fantastic slow groove going on here.

This is definitely late nite with your honey kinda music. The groove is excellent and feels very good.

I think the vocal is excellent and without a doubt, carries the track well. The lyrics are well written and in the context of your music, couldn't have been done better in my opinion. You nailed it!

 Comment Written 29-Apr-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

I like this kind of music, it seem to put my mind at ease, thanks for the share, it was pleasant and well enjoyed. Cheers to you

 Comment Written 12-Aug-2015

Comment by

Whoever you wrote this song for must be pretty amzing to deserve a song like this. You are a great singer and songwriter. I really like your music a lot.

 Comment Written 28-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 29-Oct-2012
    Thank you very much MaggieMay !
Comment by
2012 Artist of the Year

Quite the song about a one night stand if that's what it's about. You have an interesting way of putting melody to lyrics. When I look at your lyrics I can't imagine putting a melody to them but then you do it ...very well too. Another great song and performance!

 Comment Written 30-Jul-2012

reply by the artist on 30-Jul-2012
    Thank you very much SueClayton !
Comment by

awesome song..the music is nice and incredible..the song shuld be tranposed to a little higher let the vocals out at a higher tone..keep up the good music man

 Comment Written 03-May-2012

reply by the artist on 04-May-2012
    You're probably right for the higher tone ! Thank you for your comments !
Comment by

Great track and incredible musicianship, I have to be honest though, your vocals just don't seem to fit the vibe of the song. The music is insanely jazzy and very groove oriented, and yet the vocals grab me as traditionally Gothic. I love the song lyrics and your talent blows me away, but maybe you should experiment with different ways of approaching it vocally. I am a fan for sure though:)

 Comment Written 03-May-2012

reply by the artist on 04-May-2012
    I think too, the voice is too dark but i'm not a great singer and i only do what i can ;) Thank you for the review man !
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