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Reviews from
throw it all

twerk song

 5 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven
Music Rating

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

I'm not an autotune fan at all. It makes my ears bleed and my mind just ignores the whole intent. But I did like the beat and the style was smooth. This should do well in the same kind of genre

 Comment Written 04-Oct-2017

Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

The opening keyboard line is very good, it makes a great intro. The music is nicely arranged and has a full, fat sound. The rap is very good, rhythmic and the singers inflection helps give the story meaning. THE Autotuned voice is nicely used and the effect works well in this song.

 Comment Written 27-Mar-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

Okay I gave it three songs and it appears that autotune is your thang so Imma just ignore that in my reviews. But The verse itself sounds kind of simple, put some swagger on it. if this is a bounce track, then make us bounce. Not just with the beat and hook. Use your verse to stick out and say this is me and this is my time. Strive to stick out..or blend. Up to you mate. Good luck

 Comment Written 04-Aug-2015

Comment by
Rob Rideout
Review Stars

I like it but the vocal distortion makes it hard to understand the words on intro & chorus; but it's cool too. I hear it clearer now. I enjoy the lyrics. Beat is good.

 Comment Written 02-Apr-2012

reply by the artist on 05-Apr-2012
    thanks for the review i try to make music people ca relate too
Comment by
Music Rating

i thought it was pretty good. kinda like a t-pain track. i didnt have any grudges against this piece. good work and well done dude.

 Comment Written 02-Apr-2012

reply by the artist on 05-Apr-2012
    thank u for the listen mix cd drops in may boss of the city 509
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