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Reviews from
Drive Me To Drink

My first attempt at a country song

 15 total reviews 
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Music Rating

Dude, that was a good song. Original and clever lyrics, not to mention catchy and simple which made it nice.I was going to give you a full 5 stars but then at the end i heard some background noise which should have been silenced cause it's good but you got to make it perfect man. Otherwise keep it up man!

 Comment Written 23-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Mar-2012
    Fair enough, my recording needs some help, I know , I will clean it up and give it another go.
Comment by
Eon Mallett

This is a fun sound that you got here, lot of vibe added to some country flavor. i Enjoyed it. Nice Job

 Comment Written 23-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Mar-2012
    thanks a lot for your feedback and thanks for listening to my music
Comment by

This is a great little number! I would make comments on the recording quality but I think that the rough and ready style fot eh recording only adds to the charm. The light heated comedy mixed with real issues brings together everything I've loved for quite a while about this particular genre and I really can't find fault in what you've really successfully pulled off here. Like the guitar and the bass - they balance each other well. Is that you singing? Your voice is absolutely perfect for this style. Really nicely done, thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 22-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 22-Mar-2012
    thanks for the comments that is me singing which is funny because i'm from boston so I had to put on an acting job to pull this off. thanks again for letting me share my music
Comment by
Rob Rideout
Review Stars

Wow, this is my style! I love the lyrics & sweet harmony. Simplicity is the key here ; not too much. Some light drums would take it further. This is a good song!

 Comment Written 22-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 22-Mar-2012
    Thanks Rob, I Hope to add drum track and maybe a banjo or slide guitar in the future thanks for the feedback
Comment by
Ominous Ride

I really like the country-pop feel to this song. Excellent lyrics, vocals, and I like how you use a muffled straight guitar in place of a bass line. Nice work, Rondo!


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 Comment Written 22-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 22-Mar-2012
    Thanks OR, I hope to add some slide guitar or maybe banjo in the future, thanks again for listening
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