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Reviews from

A song about the responsibility to our children .

 15 total reviews 
Comment by
Eon Mallett

First of all thanks for this tune, just made my morning. These lyrics relate to my current situation. The music, the melody, the everything. Awesome awesome

 Comment Written 16-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 16-Mar-2012
    Thanks for the kind words and thanks for listening to my music.
Comment by

There is a really wonderful charm about your music which makes it hard to look passed to anything technical. Really nice lyrics and good innocent quality to your voice. Id say the intro is a bit too long for just a guitar - it doesn't hold up on its own. The structure of the song is great, I'd just like to hear a better recording! Could do with some more bass to the guitar and maybe a bit more gain as its a bit quiet at the moment. Great job though!

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Mar-2012
    thank your for your comments. I am still new at home recording and am working out the kinks. Good point about the intro. thanks for your honestly it's appreciated and thanks for listening
Comment by
Music Rating

Very good.I like this way of express is talking.your lyric is very deep and have harmony with this music.really good

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Mar-2012
    thank you for your kind comments and thanks for taking the time to listen and review.
Comment by
Rob Rideout
Review Stars

Great song with a message worth telling! I love the way the harmony is used. The lyrics are awesome. I felt the bridge came a bit late in the song but still a great song. Bass & drums would really add a lot.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Mar-2012
    thanks for the feedback, yeah I see what you mean about that bridge, could have put it in maybe after the chorus. thanks again for listening ROB.
Comment by
Ominous Ride

Nice track - the guitar is a little soft, difficult to hear. Otherwise, the lyrics are poetic and well composed, and the vocals are clean and nicely harmonized. Maybe add a few strings, but that might be more distracting than anything. Good work!


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 Comment Written 15-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Mar-2012
    thanks OR for the comments, I think I may have recorded the guitar with the pan set too much to the left and then tried to compensate. My recording skills still need improvement. I appreciate the feedback, thanks for listening
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