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Reviews from
babe stop pretending

a lady who enjoys her guy's loving but pretends

 29 total reviews 
Comment by

nice quirky sound and style to this track. i liked it. its very different. good rhythm . good title and a well produced track. good luck it was nice to hear your music

 Comment Written 07-Feb-2014

reply by the artist on 07-Feb-2014
    thank you very much,i appreciate
Comment by

This music is so infectious in its dancing rhythm, its sense of fun and humour, it makes up one want to get up and dance. Great singing, great guitar playing and a nice background chorus. Best Wishes

 Comment Written 22-Nov-2012

reply by the artist on 23-Nov-2012
Comment by
Music Rating

another great song, I like the driving drums and the harmonies. again you have great emotions in your vocals. Your music is that great feel good music, 5 stars

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Nov-2012
    thank you so much for making me feel good,i will try to make it better

reply by the artist on 15-Nov-2012
    thank you so much for making me feel good,i will try to make it better
Comment by

This is an interesting piece to review, in my opinion. First off, the obvious passion and enjoyment that have gone into this recording show through quite clearly: it's certainly not a chore for you to sing and perform. Also, throughout most of it, the rhythm is fairly constant, and it does sort of have that tap-your-foot-whether-you-want-to-or-not compulsion thing going for it. Heh.

Is this the full version that you plan on releasing? Right away IMO, my first though would be that this could really rock with a little bit of a shakeup on style. Say, space out your lyrics a bit - make sure you're on the beat, if it's only the rhythm that carries you! - back yourself up with a few instruments and maybe even some female backup singers? Since I don't know the persona you're trying to project with this, it's difficult. See? I did notice some off-key notes throughout, but so what? They're easy enough to fix if you go back through and really rock it out.

Sincerely, with a little bit of work on the rhythms and vocals, maybe a whole new mix, this could be wicked. NICE job. Cheers.

 Comment Written 01-Oct-2012

reply by the artist on 01-Oct-2012

reply by ThePhantom on 09-Oct-2012
    Really? I'm so happy to hear that. PLEASE tell me if you'd like to work together on anything. ;-)

reply by the artist on 12-Oct-2012
    i believe you've got what it takes to record it better;if you are interested in doing it in a way to make it a hit,i would stop and let you record and release it;i appreciate your review
Comment by
2012 Artist of the Year

You have a style of your own. Just so you know, your song 'That GirL' often gets stuck in my mind. Ya, I actually go around singing it! haha Well I figured it was time to get a different song of yours stuck in my mind. And this one is very catchy too...and humours. Nice rhythm! Shine On! : )

 Comment Written 29-Sep-2012

reply by the artist on 01-Oct-2012

reply by SueClayton on 01-Oct-2012
    Hey, As far as I'm concerned you don't need to make it better. Just write another one. :)
Comment by

The music is good as well as the vocal. But the use of bass is an iportant technic, like, the guitar should increase more

 Comment Written 28-Sep-2012

reply by the artist on 01-Oct-2012
    thank you so much,your advice will help very much
Comment by
Music Rating

I Really Like The beat You used And The Sound Of Your Music Very Artistic . Very... Magical.... Very.... Unique . :")

 Comment Written 24-Sep-2012

reply by the artist on 28-Sep-2012
    Thanks you very much,pretty lady with Blue Eyes!

reply by #ShawtyBlueEyes on 29-Sep-2012
    Thankss !
Comment by
Music Rating

You always have a great beat in your song that is not the norm which is good,this song is very catchy and I like the lyrics well done

 Comment Written 19-Sep-2012

reply by the artist on 19-Sep-2012
    i appreciate,you made me feel good,thank you very much
Comment by
Eric Grow

Hey Frankie, I like your lyrics in this song they are very creative.Origional full sound to the music even with little
instruments involved.

 Comment Written 18-Sep-2012

reply by the artist on 19-Sep-2012
    thank you very much for making me feel good,i will try to do better
Comment by
Review Stars

Yeah, good song. Idea is nice. Instruments: very poor sound. Regarding vocals: are you intentionally out of pitch? Melody also should not be so annoyingly repetitive.

 Comment Written 18-Sep-2012

reply by the artist on 18-Sep-2012
    thanks for your advice
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