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indie rock

 9 total reviews 
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Very nice sounds in the intro. The synth patch was very subtle. The style is excellent and the instrumentation delivers a very lush and full sound that leans more towards the progressive end of the music spectrum.

Teh composition is well written and arranged.

Great sound.

 Comment Written 22-May-2016

Comment by
Ominous Ride

tonulak: Cool, Bob Seger-esque song. Like the soul and drive of the vocals, and the clean, wailing guitar. Nice hook - but one might argue there's a bit of sinner in all of us. Only thought - might have worked better in a key or two higher - some of the low notes sound a little tricky. Otherwise, a pleasure to listen.

-Ominous Ride

 Comment Written 01-Mar-2012

reply by the artist on 02-Mar-2012
    Thanks for the great review. The fact that we all are "sinners" is a given. however, this song is about not taking responsibility for their actions, and the arrogance of "righteousness", thinking one is better than another. In this, I felt I was giving more of an emotional performance rather than a "pop" music performance. Also, this was an alternate mix, hthat had the guitars more upfront thanthe original posted on

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed it--Ted (singer, lyricist, composer/arranger)
Comment by

Hey, Ted!

I posted a message about this song yesterday as I couldn't get to this point to review it. This is not only amazing and marketable, it got me wet. There. I said it! I got lost in your melody and your voice does me in everytime I listen to it. If that doesn't sound like a fan, tell me what does! Am I, like, a groupie now? LOL

I can't give you six stars because I am not a premier member on the music site. I am going to check out your real music site tonight and buy what I can!!

You rock.

This site is so a take off of American Idol, but you are head and shoulders above the rest.

Love ya,

Tina :-)

 Comment Written 16-Feb-2012

reply by the artist on 17-Feb-2012
    Hi Sexy,
    Now you know why I love music:)

    You're not an "official" groupie until you do me in the dressing room;)
    So, have a glass of wine and listen to me, then go rock Hubbie's world!
    Thanks, Babes--Ted
Comment by

There's something eerily catchy about this tune my friend; my only suggestion would be to bring the voice out more and soften the music up a bit--just my opinion. Well done.

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Feb-2012
    Thank you for your review. This mix is not the one for sale on reverbnation or cdbaby

    My engineer was experimenting. I agree with you. Hey, he's my best friend...what can I do?
Comment by

I really liked the music. Didn't really care much for the lyrics. Hard to understand what you were saying.

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Feb-2012
    That's funny...they seemed clear to me:)
    Thanks for the review--Ted
Comment by

Very cool. I enjoyed it. After listening to the other song that was displayed, this is a welcome addition to the site for one of the first entries. Nicely done. :)

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Feb-2012
    Thanks for the great review. I haven't heard much of the other music yet. I won't put anything here that I wouldn't sell. Thanks for th3e encouragement--Ted
Comment by

so check it this is way cool, went all zen into it at first, floating around like in a saucer, twang drops, rainbows start sprouting everywhere, rainbows in rainbows, then the voice from the clouds behind them starts singing about elephants and broken furniture and heathens and crimson and smoking guns and teachers and forgiveness and kicks and sunsets and turning back pages and the darkling world and sin and im diggin it wearing a leather jacket and that's the world you live in pal. you got dylan and emerson lake and palmer and nirvana and donovan and cat stevens and pearl jam going on inside your soul garden possum monkey and im hoping to God with all my heart you recognize that and take it all the way, whatever that even means...cuz it feels true as crud covered in gilded glitter to me, and if i can't brainwash me who can man...lick on cat...lick on.

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Feb-2012
    Thanks, Man. At least somebody digs me! I don't know if I'll stick here. I'm on the writing site, and I'll tolerate little old ladies writing Hallmark cards, but I am a shaman for my music. I'm the composer and lead singer. I also play, saxes, harmonica, percussion and some keyboards. You can have some free downloads on

    Thanks for the cool review--Ted
Comment by

Hi there Tonulak, I enjoyed listening to your music and I'm just wandering if your singing it. Doesn't sound to bad at all. Interesting and thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Feb-2012
    Yes, that was me singing. I'm the composer and arranger. I play saxes and harmonica in the band, too. Some of the guys wanted me to play the harmonica on this and others wanted soprano saxophone. I thought there was enough going on already, and one or the other would have taken it too far in one direction or the other. Thanks for listening. You can hear some free downloads on
    Some blues covers and stuff, but very out there:)

Comment by

Very nice! I love the lyrics. The rough country tone of your voice is excellent. The message in this is excellent. Fantastic job with the mix as well. Your voice comes through well and is not drowned out by the music which is often the case. Wonderful job, I really enjoyed the song.

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2012

reply by the artist on 15-Feb-2012
    Thanks, Cannibal, for the great review. I can share some free doanloads, on

    Enjoy and thanks again--Ted
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