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Testimonials from members

I am addicted to FanMusic. Not only I am I receiving good input for my own compositions, but I really enjoy the ability to review and pass on constructive criticism to others. For any artist putting your work out for the public to see or hear is like standing naked in front of a crowd but the members here are very supportive and helpful.

I have written over 100 songs but have rarely let anyone hear them. But after placing three songs and getting good feedback (I don't expect it all the time) I have a new confidence in my composing abilities. Thanks FanMusic!

Bill Keyes

I'm so glad I found FanMusic. When I discovered this site, I was looking for contests where I could enter my newly recorded songs. FanMusic offers all kinds of interesting contests every month. So I became a member, entered a few and won some too! But that's not all I found here. I sold my 1st song ever at FanMusic. And, I have received amazing feedback and support from so many international artists who have given me confidence in my place in the world as a singer/songwriter. Most importantly, I've met lots of wonderful people from all around the world, heard so much great original music from around the world that I may never have heard if I hadn't joined this awesome site. So glad I found this place! To everyone at FanMusic, "You make my heart sing!"

Sue Clayton

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