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R&B Music Contest
Deadline: Feb. 15th

Techno Music Contest
Deadline: Feb. 15th

Hip Hop
Deadline: Feb. 27th

Vocal Music Contest
Deadline: Mar. 4th

Classical Music Contest
Deadline: Mar. 6th

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Feedback will be written on every song you post. Free music contests with cash prizes. Sell your music in a community for artists.
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Upcoming Contest Deadlines

R&B Music Contest
Enter a Rhythm and Blues music contest
Deadline: Feb. 15th

Techno Music Contest
Share a techno song to enter this music contest.
Deadline: Feb. 15th

Hip Hop
Share a hip hop or rap song for this music contest
Deadline: Feb. 27th

Vocal Music Contest
Share your vocal recording for this contest.
Deadline: Mar. 4th

Contests offer a cash prize

Member Contest Deadlines

Share an rap song for this contest.
Deadline: In 3 Days

Humourous Music Contest
Music which makes us laugh
Deadline: Feb. 5th

Working Music Contest
Share a song that is somehow about working.
Deadline: Feb. 6th

50's Songs
Share a song that would fit right in with the music of the 50's.
Deadline: Feb. 9th

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#1Jun Naotsuka

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