Professional Artist Information
Professional level artists have the ability to sell stories, poems and books on the site for standard member dollars or gold member dollars (that can be converted to cash). Their signature is updated to help promote their publications.

To become professional you must earn one Quality Seal. Prior to requesting a seal it is recommended that you publish a story on the site to learn how the site works and to see how your story, book or poems are accepted by the public.

To request a seal you should:

The purpose of the seal request is to ensure to the readers that they are purchasing a product from an artist that writes at a professional level.

If you earn the seal your artist status will be upgraded and you will be able to sell any book or story that you think is of professional quality. This does not mean that all your stories/books will have the quality seal. Seals are rewarded to individual stories and books after a review process.

For every additional seal you earn your level will be upgraded. For example, if one book contains a seal you will be a "Level 1" professional level artist. The higher your rank the more likely it is that you will receive free advertisment from the site.

Artists that have earned a seal have the quill in their signature showing that they have reached the professional level.

An artist with an upgraded account can set the price to charge for a story or book. If a reader purchases the book or story the artists account will contain 80% of the funds made. When an artist earns ten gold member dollars or more they may request a cash payment from Payments are made through PayPal. The reader will have a copy of the story/book in his/her profile.

(Amounts quoted do not include PayPal's percentage)