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Create A Music Contest

Create your own music contest that you and others can enjoy. It's easy. Click the "Continue" button below to choose and edit the template for the type of contest you wish to create.

You can submit your own music to your contest after it is created. There is a 5.95 member dollar fee to create a contest. You can earn member dollars by writing reviews. If you decide not to create the contest (you do not click on the "create it" button on the next screen) your account will not be charged.


Q:What should I write in my contest announcement?
A: You can start off with a template that can be edited. Include any details that your participants should be aware of. If you are running a photography contest, for example, that requires a specific type of photograph to be taken we suggest being as specific as possible. Be as specific as possible so there is no confusion about what type of entries you are looking for.

Q:Do I have to provide the prize?
A: No. You do not need to provide the prize. You will specify an entry fee. Each member that joins your contest will pay an entry fee (in Member Dollars). That will create a prize pool which will go to the winner.

Q:Can I enter my writing into my own contest?
A: Yes. You can enter your own contest.

Q:Who will determine the winner?
A: After the deadline is reached we will create a voting booth. Everyone that participated will be asked to vote. They can not vote for their own entry. We will also make the voting booth available to other Premier Members..


How will the winner be paid?
A:The site will pay the winner the full prize pool after the voting is completed. In the event of a tie the prize pool will be split.


After I create my contest what should I do?
A:The site will take care of running the contest. We do recommend that you check in on your contest from time to time to answer any questions that may be asked in your contest forum.