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Sad song of heartbreak
Shiny Red Corvette by Jimi Seven
 Category:  General Music
  Posted: June 10, 2019      Views: 3

She grabbed the keys to his shiny red Corvette, slowly backed it out of the garage
Was a year to the day since he passed away, she nearly died of a broken heart
Whoa, girl, better slow it down, try to keep it on the road
She felt her stomach churn
You simply can?t outrun a broken heart

The stars float above that shiny red Corvette as she headed into parts unknown
Through the state of denial, I swear she almost smiled when she saw the peaks of Colorado
Old memories come crashing down like a Rocky Mountain avalanche
She heard the cold winds moan
You simply can?t outrun a broken heart

Time doesn?t mean a thing, she doesn?t hear that phone ring, ring, ring, let it ring
No more sad goodbyes, all that she can do is drive, drive, drive, drive, oh, she?ll drive


She swerved, barely brushed him with that shiny red Corvette, were her eyes playing tricks on her mind
Ghosts in the mirror are closer than they appear, she left him standing on the dotted line
Two miles from freedom on a lonely, washed out road, will she make it to the other side
Will you ever learn
You simply can?t outrun a broken heart

Early morning sunlight found that shiny red Corvette perched high above the canyon floor
She mashed the pedal to the floor, she heard that big engine roar, she crashed the fence doing one forty-five
Exploding glass, splintered fiberglass, she flew into the great unknown
It was nearly a mile down
I heard they never found her broken heart

Too bad she never learned
You simply can?t outrun a broken heart

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© Copyright 2015 Jimi Seven All rights reserved.
Jimi Seven has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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