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Loneliness making good decisions into regrets.
Lorelei by JonahAtkins99
 Category:  Folk Music
  Posted: October 2, 2018      Views: 4

I don't know how long we've been here
But it's not long enough
I can still feel your heart beating close to mine,
And it won't be long until they're all full up
And they spill on the floor, like the coffee I poured
When we finally chose to wake
You never knew, and I never admitted
There's nothing that I would not say to remain in your arms

All the flames, and all of the urges that melted the candle away
Were bright as the day, and I saw them from miles away
I've never felt more ashamed

Oh, show me grace in the face of uncertainty
I've never been here before
Oh, my disaster
Oh, Lorelei
My guiding voice back to shore

I don't blame you, I was a fool
I was alone and split in two
I followed the first one to reach out their hand
And I'd follow your siren to shipwreck again
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Artist Notes
Recorded in my bedroom immediately after writing it. Felt it should stay stark and spare, as it's a really special song to me. Solo acoustic felt right.
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