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Pop Rock song W heavy rhythm guitars
Like A God Dam Animal by Adrianshawmusic
 Category:  Rock/Pop Music
  Posted: May 13, 2017      Views: 2

"Dark tones, black clothes, He's a smooth laid back Criminal
He has it all, He's on the Ball, He considers other peoples lives
kind of Pitiful
He's the type to bottoms up, drain the cup, and say fuck it all
Except when it comes to business
he gets critical.
Cross his path, and his fangs will Show,
because he's born to be wild
like a God Dam Animal.

Wake up wake up Wake up, you gotta go now
Pick up, Pick up, the sword and show them how
to break the chains that hold you down
to break them now.
So when you step on stage your feet will lift from the ground

Business by Day, Parties all night
Never once in his life backed away from a fight


Now you know going toe to toe in the sand with him
is a bad idea, you loose a toe and a limb
He's the instructor, the sensei, the master
the one breaking infrastructure and causing disaster
the mastermind strategist, laughing at your averageness
and getting more cabbage than Lenny Kravitz gets
helicopter propellers that flew off the top of the chopper
couldn't pierce his titanium Skin

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Artist Notes
Played the guitars DI, used GTR Rig 5 plugins for the heavy guitar sound. The drums are pretty simple, just placed kik,Snr,Hst and cymbal single hits on the timeline. Added FX for build-ups into chorus. then wrote sang the vocals
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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