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A person gives up on life and their self..........
I'm already there by stinger25
 Category:  Country Music
  Posted: December 4, 2016      Views: 16

My life ain't easy
Why's it so damn hard
Even when I kneel
and I pray to God

Maybe there were signs
I should have read
You can't kill a man
if he's already dead

Put me in the ground
Bury me well
Send me to
the depths of hell
Fiery pit
Nothing can compare
I ain't afraid of hell
I'm already there

Made my bed
I'm lying in it
I would change my life
in a single minute

No pulse in my veins
No thoughts in my head
You cant kill a man
if he's already dead


When did I give up
Why do I not try
I ended my life
Before I died


Put me in the ground (3x)
No I ain't afraid of hell
I'm already there
Yeah I'm already there

Copyright Richard Venezia and Samiamm Publishing inc
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Artist Notes
Created this after watching walking dead and a few days later the song came to me. I was driving home at 2am, after finishing my second job and a 17 hour day, and was not in the happiest of moods lol Life catches up to us, huh. I used a band for hire in Nashville to bring the song to life and give it a more professional sound. Thank you for listening.
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