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About A Maniacal man who doesn't appreciate being
Watch Your Stare [Graphic 18 +] by Nonshalant
 Category:  General Music
  Posted: December 1, 2016      Views: 3

Yo I heard youre from puerto rico, people r saying leave him alone he didnt know? but I dont care about that bro? last week you were visiting my town, I seen ya waiting by the gate with a frown @ the china club here in my empire state? As i was walking out of my show, I told you go home, there aint nothin more and its late? You gave me a sly look from the corner of youre eye, you shouldve been shook, cause im a life crook many I took and sold them cheap, Ive made many mothers weep?

The bodies I keep and the spirits I trade with lucifier, na son, I want two for her.,.. I was gonna pull out the heat but again they tell me he doesnt know, c?mon lets go? About to pull off mad that to blast you I cant and that when I saw your drop your wallet from your pants?

Hmm, looks like I got a trip to make, while Im there, Ill visit don solomon in the same town of san juan.

I took the shuttle to your town.. I walk around your hood shit talking...pitch forking anyone who knows u...from outside your house im stalking face painted dark blue? Im looking at your spouse from above, your skyview is open. With my headphones loud my heads boppin, i drop down from a rope like a museum im robbing?.

When she seen me your ladies cloths started dropping, dont ask me the cause all I know is that the broad wasn?t stopping so with her titties flappin, her ass Im slappin. Mami mami, quit calling me papi? Im here looking for saatchi? Oh, he went to visit his padre, where bitch over that way? I gotta go but it was a pleasure to blast you anyway.

I walk over and examine the scene, I put down the canister of kerosene? Thinking am I being too mean? I mean it was just a stare, fuck it im here already and I dont care.. I do it mad chill as around the house the kerosene I spill? I dont care about the police? The dons got these streets on watch. To the front I march... I light up a marlboro and drop the match as the house went alight I look in the window at you and your pops playing juno? This is mad tight.. You said something to him that only you know? Must of been important cause the look in his eyes were potent?
I heard the cries and made sure from a far one last time you looked in my eyes but it was different
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