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Story of a long gone episode
Pocahontas And The Big White Chief by Ray Brookes
 Category:  Folk Music
  Posted: October 11, 2016      Views: 11


I am a songwriter/arranger/composer living in Sydney, Australia. I spend all my time in my home studio creating music; some of it good, some of it bad and some of it ugly. What the hell, I enjoy doing it.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #13 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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We moved in that Summer. Two up two down
So close to the beach we?d hear the waves pound
Two misfits discovered in the lost and found
We were idiosyncratically tight
We shared the bathtub, the beer and some leaf
Sat smoking to oblivion on the wave-swept reef
I called her my Pocahontas she called me her Big White Chief
We borrowed the days but owned the nights

Everything was right and nothing could be wrong
Until one day the little baby came along
Suddenly the bond between us not quite as strong
As I strummed my melancholy Fender
Gave all I had; took all I could take
Her snapping words at my every mistake
Spiteful in spades; spitting like a snake
Trying so hard to comprehend her
Four rooms now with a different tenor

Came home one day the rooms were bare
Just my guitar leaning sadly against the stairs
In our bedroom her scent still in the air
In the bathroom just a sliver of soap
Cleaned out the account; away she ran
All our stuff carried off in a U-Haul van
Got drunk that night woke up in the can
Lookin? around for a makeshift rope

Last I heard she was working a bar
Makeup applied with a paintball gun and wishing on a star
Her and junior living in a car
Stinking of damp clothes and petroleum
Her meth face creased like old linoleum.
Looking back. It beggars belief
I sit alone on that wave-swept reef
I miss my Pocahontas; does she miss her Chief?
Cigarette flicked away my fingers frozen
I stare out stonily in a Mount Rushmore moment
I wonder where she is and how she?s coping
I still sleep with the front door open

A time it was but oh so brief
For Pocahontas and the Big White Chief
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Artist Notes
Music to slash yer wrists to LOL
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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