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its a love song
Where did they go by Sunny Singer
 Category:  Soul / R&B Music
  Posted: October 3, 2016      Views: 4

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we used to be best friends,now we no more
And i got your hands i'll keep you all alone
and now when you say im close to your heart
no pushin' away,cause i believe in you.
oh its gettin' late,there's more that i have to say
gimme a chance...promise to stay
Where did they go?
Where did they go!!!
The words that you say
the promises you made (2x)
(verse ii)
I dont wanna be the same
i'll take you anyplace
i'll give you everything
oh babe you should know i'll find you everyday
and even though if its out in space
baby sorry for the days we had emotions
and i just want look in so deep in your eyes
there's nothing to compromise
And i want you to know that i've been watin on....on you so long
Babe i.....need you to stay right here with me cause its you i want
Where did they go?
where did they go!!!
The words that you say
The promises you made (2x)
(verse iii)
For everyday i'll wait for you
And everything that i see is you
for everyday girl!!
Yea!! Im sorry,girl im loving everything you do to me (2x)
where did they go?
where did they go!!
The words that you say
The promises you made.
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