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This work has reached the exceptional level
Catchy, crunchy, creamy, pulsing blues rock.
Rocket-Back Stomp by UnMires
 Category:  Rock/Pop Music
  Posted: February 21, 2016      Views: 7

Electronic Retro Roots Rock

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So Rocket Man meets up with a Paperback Writer
for a cutting contest around about midnight,
so far out in the swamps the moon could give no light.

[CHORUS] A dance was born that night in the swamp
called by most the Rocket-Back Stomp.

They're backed by drum & bass, too dark to see a face.
The groove is deep & wide, with lots of sonic space.
In just a bar or two they hone in on the pace.


Rocket Man fires first, igniting a funky brew.
He keeps his rhythm tight & his tone super true.
He was improvising like he already knew.


Then Paperback Writer, she slyly stomps on her boost,
loosens up in her rhythm to riff Keith Richards loose,
leading Rocket Man to sign his very first blues truce.


Now when Rocket Man plays with Paperback girl,
folks come to see them play from all around the world -
their blend of heat & skill, rawly poised, integral.
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Artist Notes
Written, arranged, played and produced by UnMires.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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