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Hip Hop Song
Money Hungry
Rap contest entry
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 Category:  Rap/Hip-Hop Music
  Posted: February 9, 2016      Views: 21


Flesh Burns when I step in the Cathedral
I got the seed of Evil embedded in my cerebral
Lethal, Tactics Deceitful
We be Mashing on ya People
Soul's Infected, flow's dyslexic,
shows get Hectic
When I Set Trip, Foes get Desperate
In the cyphering circle I'm well respected
because I step with the Method to Break your neck Kid
Night stalker cheifing on that Herbal that Doje
At dusk my verbal arose like a Murder of Crows
Hiphop raps, Im a merchant of Those
I rock the stage in a Rage, Until the curtains will close
I chose to Follow the fame,
If I chose to to wallow in pain, I'd be hollow and Vain
I grab the mic and leave it solemnly slain
all I live for is to hear the crowd calling my name
Rhyme and vengeance thats all that remains
so I take your life as payback and give you a dollar in change
I break loose of my chains, titan unstoppable Ogre
devoted to flowing with the smoothness of water, Lyrical slaughter
serious Soldier, Nefarious Baller
with a devil on each shoulder,
until this thing I call my life is Over


I stand Vigilant, against the ignorant, I Leave ya injured quick with nina kicks
until you get the Gist of It.
On another level while you still on some infant shit
hand me a pencil and the potential is infinite
I'm an Instrument
my tongue twist and lift ya like a twister, with linguistic dissonance
got the best defence
you wish I brought it less intense
I leave you slayed with Zest, laid to rest, and engraved in wet cement
I grab the mic and its on
step to this and you might not live to see the light of Dawn
We still kicking it, nonstop

Listen to the innocent civilians screaming as the bomb drop

we on top of towers, dropping hiphop like tropic showers
awfully callouse with our awful powers
your life is what the plot devours
next thing you know, we at your funeral tossing flowers at your coffin's cowards
till after hours I be drinking Liquor
you wanna fight?, Well this is how I hit ya
Like a holocaust of Molotov's
taking out all of ya'll
volatile, with polished style, breaking down the tallest wall
ballers ball, soldiers fall all up on the battlefield
you don't know who you ****** with you haven't the vaguest Idea

Chorus 2

I rock it like launchers
I creep with the monsters
deep in the darkness
where the beasts and the sharks live
In the streets we be heartless
So we can step up to the battle field and you can count your losses

Foes be running like faucets
Foes should have been more cautious
Splotches, of blood pattern, splattered all over your office
chucking you into you coffins
fucking with me and I'm off this
Chilling with villains, and killing for skryla,
and kicking this rhythm so Flawless
making you Nauseous
you gonna be needing your crosses
I'm that devilish beast creeping to leave you deceased,
I'm nutty like Almonds

Cyanide spewing cyborg, broke loose from an insane asylum
willing out of control, got ya dialling 911
cause when I spit this flow, it grips your soul
and i lit that Drop
and I get so low
and I hit so Pro
When the pistol Blow
Label me 5150 me, Mentally shifty at your door

with a special delivery
a knife where your liver be
Vividly Killing with Imagery
enemies, get the one way ticket to heavenly entities
and it be me sipping on hennesy
skimask to hide my identity
blast with military villainy
he did it again
and didn't he do it wickedly lividly kicking this rhyme
I thought I told you I'm lickedy split,
I'm kicking this shit
my verbal is dripping with venom and ending they lives
thats it

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Artist Notes
A track I recorded about 3 years back
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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