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Polital message
Me and You by StevenK
 Category:  Country Music
  Posted: September 15, 2015      Views: 9


I've been distracted with work etc., from my love of writing, performing and recording music for some time now. Most of my works were done in 2004-2007. Like so many other artists, I simply never took time to share my efforts with the public. A few o - more...

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There's no one black, and no one just white
No ONE single race can make this country right
Takes more than a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew
Takes more than Religion, takes all of me and you

Me and you gotta' keep this country great
It takes all of me and you to keep this country safe
We're wastin' time divided as U.S. residents
It's time we all know what it takes to be an American

So many want to tear our country right in two
By tearin' us a part , me and you, yes me and you

No military, no armed police
No president by himself can make us live in Peace
Even God can't work alone to stop what evil doers do
There are no Super Heroes, just me and you

Me and you have responsibilities
It takes all of me and you to stand up for liberty
We're wastin' time divided as U.S. residents
It's time we be united as true Americans

Jealous countries want your culture torn in two
And they're doin it by tearin' us apart me and you

They kill our brother's children and call them infidels
They make their God responsible and rejoice when hatred swells in me and you, can't you see what they do

(repeat first chorus) to tag ending
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Artist Notes
Written, performed and recorded by myself as solo artist
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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