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A protest at the suffering of migrants in Europe
They Walked..... by Wallace
Heartbreak Music Contest contest entry
 Category:  General Music
  Posted: August 21, 2015      Views: 26

They walked........
A plague came to the lands of God
There were screams of death
and the earth was stained with blood
So they walked......they walked ........

An angel came in the form of a man
He said with a voice as sweet as heaven:
?You can?t take everything with you
So give it all to me. Wealth is a burden
And with it - you never will be free?
It?s a small price to pay for a jackpot prize
For I guarantee that you?ll find paradise.

So they walked ......they walked........

As he said, their hearts were lighter now
Though they sweated in the heat of the cruel sun
And though some fell in the desert sand,
Like Moses? folk they journeyed on in hope..

They walked......they walked

They spoke of their homes they?d left behind
Of the simple joys of being alive
Of working, loving, bringing up kids
Of sipping coffee and strolling and the sun went down.

And they walked......they walked....

They came to the edge of a silver sea
A boat was waiting as they could see
They blessed the angel for his charity
And some sang songs of the greatness of their God.

They were saved......they were saved ....

But the sea was big and the boat was small
Too many people were crammed in that hull
The vessel dipped and rolled and swayed
And the water gushed in till the boat was full.

Some were lost in the heaving sea
Some cried to God but silent was he...
Children screamed and fathers cried
Mothers howled and clung to the ones they loved.
Some in the tumult, though they could be wrong,
Claimed they?d heard an echo of the angel?s song.

Some were drowned and some were saved
By a ship that tourists once had used
Some began to doubt the angels? lies.
For this didn?t feel very much like paradise.

They were dumped on shore and counted
They were shoved in a camp and shut away,
Like the wicked of the earth, the hopeless, the condemned.
They could see where a new life called them
But was this where it would end? Was this where it would end?

How can we sing our songs in this hostile place?
How shall we sing the song of life again?
They begged and cried and screamed and prayed,
But the world rolled its eyes and looked the other way.

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Artist Notes
Music composed on Sibelius - virtual instruments. Voice recorded and added
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2015 Wallace All rights reserved.
Wallace has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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