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greifers gonna grief
MInecraft greifers by MysticalBaxter
 Category:  Rap/Hip-Hop Music
  Posted: March 10, 2015      Views: 8

i know you did it now so just spill it out i'm sitting on the couch drinking soda in a pouch its the perfect time to come out and tell me what you've done

i know you were there when my house got griefed you blew up my stairs and stole my garage keys looted my chests had my diamond gear in there i'ma tear you limb from limb does it look like i care? this time ill set up in a new location and maybe put some separation between me and the rest of the server go underground mine myself a base ill get those diamonds back before you run away ill make a trap with some tnt put a pressure plate and just watch and see as you fall away to your death with a fiery explosion hopefully some of you stuff survived because you know ill be looting it in a blink of an eye let me not get ahead of myself ill get prepared and then leave this broken house but don't think i'll forget about the things you've done now get your stuff and be gone

(if you grief you're considered a thief if you dare to steal what's there's get your own gear it's not that hard just remember what I've told you I'm coming out to get you)

setting up base in a land far away underground where they can't find me (pause) not today I told ya i wasn't gonna play yo stupid games I mean business not child's play you getting on my level now that's that's comedy

stealing from people now that's just wrong how about we all get along building in a community putting up mining camps as a team now that's a place i wanna be but sadly it's just not true especially in faction servers yes i played them too raided every day can't build a building without some dude breaking In and destroying everything in my village something like this I would never expect from my friend he's always been there even if I got banned and now he's walking away with my stuff all in his hands I guess I don't know people as well as i thought one second he's my friend and now he's not maybe I'll just go and play some single player

(if you grief you're considered a thief if you dare to steal what's there's get your own gear it's not that hard just remember what I've told you I'm coming out to get you)
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