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A tribute to Robin Williams struggles
Fly Robin by DeaconCross
 Category:  Vocal/Easy Listening Music
  Posted: August 13, 2014      Views: 6


I have been playing guitar for over 20 years. I have many songs and an entire album which has been shelved for some time. Perhaps I will rerecord and upload here.

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My Life
Shined Like a diamond
won't you tell me why
it was all a lie
and now it's gone I don't know why

In my own mind
I made it up like a fool
but it wasn't true
it's always been about you

In the end I'm still the same
and there's no one left to
blame but me
I guess I caused the pain

When I am there I'm a star
but when Im gone
it's a constant fight
and no one asked are you alright

And I
Have to say goodbye
it's time to fix the lie

And I
don't wanna die
but it's alright

it's alright

Where were you
when I didn't shine
and it wasn't true
and I was calling out for you

Did you hear and not see
when I said how it's
gonna be
You simply laughed at me

Did you not understand
the pain in my eyes
the smile just couldn't hide

Now I know what to do
and one thing
that's surely true
no more laughs for you

And I
Have to say goodbye
it's time to fix the lie

And I
don't wanna die
but it's alright

it's alright

It's alright

it's alright

Rest in peace Robin
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Artist Notes
I recorded this Aug 13, 2014 about 5:00 am with my phone and nothing else. This is raw as I wrote it. This song touches on the emotions not only Robin Williams felt which caused us to lose him but many others who deal with depression. It is a very real sickness. I thought I would post it here for now until I get the chance to record it again in a recording environment. I have a habit of losing songs. There are several mistakes because I wrote it as I played but, this is what came out first take. I play and sing the entire thing alone. I was deeply touched by the loss of Robin and as you can probably tell, experience similar emotions and depression. That is why it was so easy to write this. I can relate. Let me know what you think.
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