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Oh yeah its a cypher shout out to whoever likes us.
Freestyle by Niftie DynamicRapper
 Category:  Rap/Hip-Hop Music
  Posted: July 13, 2014      Views: 11

Stick to the game, with an aim of making hits,
talking of the beats,
best emcy's never fears or fairs to go in,
so am done dealing with my fears the same way I did to my foreskin!!!!!
I got rid of them, now I wish whoever needs the fam
to do the same,
I don't miss the beat as if am far way but talking of the girl Alisa,
my feelings pays the price on how much I miss her,
I miss her she feels the same way but all she say is that "Ukansenda lwisa"
since my feelings is getting deeper, ama take her
and keep her,
and knock down those who hating!!!!!! not with my knuckles but with my flows,
I flow with pressure like victoria falls
some folks gave me,ichimwela
now am filled up with air,
like a baloon, floating in the air
though am in the room, I feel like a prince in the construction castle,
I know the sky is full of lighters
the earth is full of vipers
oh yeah its a cypher shout out to whoever likes us
if the rap game was a class
its a must atleast people like us
to get an A+ (a plus)

uh Niftie,, Dynamic Rapper!
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Artist Notes
Eastern record
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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