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Organ Grinder '83/'09 c BMI by akkrys123
 Category:  General Music
  Posted: February 26, 2014      Views: 33


A guitarist for over 40 years and played professional for about 20 of them. Now retired and just recording songs for my enjoyment.
Visit my website and my album and two videos at *"
or videos at and type in Alex K - more...

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Nothing so sweet as the gentle beat
Of a monkey tapping his feet
To the rhythm of the fishing boats call
oh yes, Tootin' through the fog

Well the monkey tips his hat to a cruisin' by cat
Wondering where his next meal is at
A docking boat or a tourist's hand
Or maybe a turn down garbage can

I said:
Oh... Organ grinder and monkey please stay
And wipe away all of my own tears
I'd had for so many years...
To this day
To... This daaaaaaaay

Playing his last to a one monkey cast
To a present and stone faced crowd
Who's slowly turning and walking away
From turn down wrappers where cigar butts lay

(Repeat 1st Verse)

(A verse to be added later)

He counts his cash knowing it'll be his last
He'll ever be acting here
With a monkey's staff and children's laugh
To the memories of a yesteryear

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Artist Notes
Recorded by myself playing a Martin guitar on one track in a Gibson 12 string on another. Song and lyrics by myself.
In Monterey California on the wharf be used to be an organ grinder that played every day for about five years and then he just disappeared and he's been gone now for these 10 years. This is a dedication to him in his monkey.
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