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Three bad jokes all in one song!
Wastem by daniel1961
 Category:  Alt/Punk Music
  Posted: January 4, 2014      Views: 10


Musician,Composer,Song writer and Poet.

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I love to go hiking, in the great outdoors.
And getting out of bed, at a quarter to four.
The frost on the leaves, makes it pretty out here.
I look through my scope, I spot a deer....
And Wastem

Think I'll join the Army, like my old man.
They can send me off to foreign and exotic lands.
We'll enjoy their culture, Drink all their wine.
We can dress up in camo, and have a good time....
And Wastem

If you love someone, than you got to set them free.
If they come back to you, it was meant to be.
If they break your heart, if they run...
You can hunt them them down, with your granddaddys gun.
And wastem

Daniel Templar
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Artist Notes
This song was recorded with Ableton soft ware.
I used midi drum kit laid down the beat than added rolls.
On the bass line I used a pick and scraped the ribs of the string to get that sound also added tube effect.
Guitar I used my Vox amp with it's built in modern distortion and delay also scraping style and artificial
harmonic I learned from ZZ Tops guitarist.
Vocals SM58 mic. delay effect eq and compresser.
Once the midi and wave were combined I ran it through a reverb converted to mp3.
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© Copyright 2015 daniel1961 All rights reserved.
daniel1961 has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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