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My mind full of fantasy, ecstasy You and me
200 Miles by daniel1961
 Category:  New Age Music
  Posted: January 2, 2014      Views: 9


Musician,Composer,Song writer and Poet.

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Midnight running where the view is so stunning
Rolling down the highway
Moonlight shining blue, reminding me of you
A love scene in a constant replay
Reflection of stars on the pavement a far
Two Hundred miles of delay
A cell phone dead zone, My CD players blown
Try to focus but my mind won't obey

Two hundred miles of dessert highway
Never seen time move so slow
Feels like ten thousand minuets
Can you see I need you so.

My eyes grow sleepy
My coffee cups empty
No room in my ashtray
I need to find a phone
Still knowing that your at home
I pull into an all-night caf©
"A pay phone have you seen one?"
"At a museum"
Is all the clerk has to say
"No big surprise" I say
Rolling my eyes
Watching the minuets decay
Blue light and gravity
Like the bottom of a sea
No place in my heart to betray
Tumble weeds cross the road
Shadows of Horny toads
Should be home bout mid day
My mind full of fantasy, ecstasy you and me
My mirror reflects my dismay
Sound of my phone as I enter live zones
I start texting you right away

Daniel Templar 2012
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Artist Notes
Home recorded with Abbleton recording software and a lot of help from my friend and ex drummer Ryan
I laid down a 4/4 drum track at 120 bpm. Adding drum rolls and cymbals later. I have an old musician friend that thinks I miked my kit and recorded it that way. But I never had any luck doing it that way.
added the bass line for the verse then filed it under the name Techno 1 for lack of a better name for it.
at the time I had no vehicle so I would walk daily to the store and worked out the lyrics. The bass line reminded me of a engine and felt like a droning road trip. and as I walked I came up with the verses.
Well my oldest son in Casper WY found a affordable van for us and My Wife and baby hitched a ride to Gillette with my mother in law than hoped on a bus to Casper get it as we drove the van from Casper Midwest Edgerton Wright Newcastle home to Black hawk SD I came up with the line 200 miles of dessert highway .
returned home found the chords to match the melody line.
than recorded chorus and added the guitar track the chord in the verses is one I learned from David Gilmore of Pink Floyd he used it in "Welcome to the machine" also in "Breath in air"
I loved the feel of it and wanted to use it in a song
I have another guitar track written for it but at the time I could only book a four piece band.
And I wanted our live performance to be true to the
Demo so I clicked mute on that track. Looking back now I wish I hadn‚??t because my computer with the software had crashed and I no longer have the capability to record. Oh well living the dream‚?¶
Than I added the my vocal track using my trusty rusty sm58 and called my singer Misty and she came to the trailer and standing in-between the lap top and my 6mo old daughters play pen we Killed the fan and she laid down 4 tracks of vocals on top of mine and sweated her buns off ! I used a heavy delay on her vocals that just felt right.
After re-hydrating Misty with a chick beer I did a little copy past and muting my vocal track except for ‚??at a museum‚?? I made a karaoke copy for Misty to use in her singing contest.
Converted midi to wave than wave to mp3 than to windows movie maker slapped a couple snap shots some worked over using the ‚??paint‚?? program added band logo and uploaded it to the tube channel
At this time my hard drive was blinking self destruct and smoke was rolling out the bottom of the lap top
So I grabbed an oven mit, chucked it in the dumpster
Extinguished the fire it started and waited for my tax refund to replace my lap top than I taught my youngest son Travis to play the bass track let my drummer Mark ‚??power listen‚?? to it once and took it on the road‚?¶easy peasy nothing to it!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2015 daniel1961 All rights reserved.
daniel1961 has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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