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conflicted feelings about someone you care about
Look Me in the Eyes by jlarsson
 Category:  Electronica/Dance Music
  Posted: December 6, 2013      Views: 9

I saw flowers growing in the sand
I saw water carving through the land
And there are people living in outer space
But you can't even look at my face

Can you see me, hear me, remember my name?
Am I a ghost to you, and you're just the same?
So many questions, questions running through my head
But you won't talk to me, you treat me like I'm dead

I tried so hard to forget you, the memories
They seemed so happy, while eating away at me
And I don't know why these thoughts persist
I wanna see you again, I wish you didn't exist

Can you see me, hear me, remember my name?
Am I a ghost to you, and you're just the same?
So many questions, questions running through my mind
You won't talk to me, and I'm doing fine

Who are we to say what games the universe will play
We are merely doll in this game, don't try to force it either way

We will live or we will die
Don't bother asking why
We will win, or we will fail
Only fate can tell

Don't try to fight it, let it go
No one else has to know
No more secrets, no more lies
Look me in the eyes

Look me in the eyes (repeat...)
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Artist Notes
Garageband, Imac
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