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This work has reached the exceptional level
faced with a new begining
starting over again by Gazza
 Category:  Vocal/Easy Listening Music
  Posted: December 1, 2013      Views: 13

I am a songwriter/bassist who would rather NOT sing my own songs. That's the reason why I have a dozen songs performed by various artists. As well as the songs I perform myself.(not good) which live in the dark. My goal has always been to write for o - more...

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1st verse
life is for living and love is for giving
sometimes we all feel the pain
why did you hurt me and now you desert me
what went wrong and who's to blame
now I'm starting over again can't fight this feeling
and I'm starting over again
placing my feet on solid ground
2nd verse
I'll find another and we will discover
the way that love was meant to be
you keep on chasing the love that was fleeting
you're growing old and nothing's changed
so please believe me when I say
it's like a needle in the hay
true love is always here to stay and last forever
life can be hard that much is true
but time will give you all the tools
you never thought it could be you happy forever
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Artist Notes
Originally I wrote, recorded & performed this track myself. The song was then covered by Ray White from Fame & Fortune Ent Nashville. Creating this version which has way better vocals than I could ever do.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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