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I'm on prime time now
Primetime by DavidProphet
 Category:  Rap/Hip-Hop Music
  Posted: February 28, 2013      Views: 68

Warning: The artist has noted that this contains the highest level of language.

This has adult content. Press the play button to listen.
Oh shit, look what I see,
It's that nigga that you see on TV,
It's the prime time, cause it's my time
It's the prime time, It's the prime time(2x)
Oh no, look at these hoes
these muthafuckas want to get in my draws
I see them in the corner and these bitches go "whoa"
no muthafuckas want to suck on my load
(load)ed, head suck on my dick
I'm drinking on some champagne while she giving me some head
I'm telling her she cute and her face is turning red
and now I'm getting famous and her legs you know they spread
cause that's how we do son, prime time new son
she real loose son, her man's a nuisance
this is my show, it's live yo
and now I got everybody feeling my vibes yo
OOh, Wee, look what I see
now everybody want to come and hang with me
she really ugly but this aint reality
you think that you cute so get the fuck away from me
Oh shit, look what I see,
It's that nigga that you see on TV,
It's the prime time, cause it's my time
It's the prime time, It's the prime time
(2nd verse)
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Artist Notes
Recorded using audacity. Produced by "coldplay" by flourney beats via
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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