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mid-tempo breakup song
Heart Of Love by stanj3
 Category:  Oldies Music
  Posted: February 17, 2013      Views: 92

Tear it up kick it push it around
Throw it down bury it in the ground
I'll go on
I'll go on

Shatter it dump it into the sea
It really doesn't matter to me
I'll go on
I'll go on
Because a heart of love will always find a home

Baby you're flirting with hurting
Playing your games
You aren't flying you're falling
It's not the same

Punch it hard kick it keep telling lies
I'll rise up like a Phoenix and fly
And go on
I'll go on
Because a heart of love will always find a home

There's no denying you're trying
To rip my soul
I won't be missing you're kissing
When you're so cold

Let me be take your memory home
I''ll probably be better alone
I'll go on
I'll go on
Because a heart of love will always find a home
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