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I wrote this about my situation with my friend....
Things To Tell Zac by AlexisMonet
 Category:  General Music
  Posted: February 12, 2013      Views: 156


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I cant say it, so Ima write it.
Wish I could be more bold.
I cant hide it, I cant deny it,
here's what should be told:

I'd kill to take her place, then I made a tiny mistake...
Yeah, I'd kill to wake up by your face.

You cant just kiss me and not be with me,
I know I said "its okay",
But I just kinda figured you'd wanna be with me...
Maybe one day.

But its not as simple as that,
Its not where your mind is at.
These are the facts, these are the things to tell Zac.

The fact Im in love with you has little to do with it.
Its that we're friends.
If Im truthful, will it ruin it?
Will it be the end?

Will you still look me in my eyes?
Are you afraid of what enlies?
These are the facts, these are the things to tell Zac.

I cant change this, my heart chose this.
My brain didnt decide.
We're friends with benefits and I cant take it.
I want you by my side.

But you dont want this as more.
You dont know what I have in store.
Its feelings that I cant ignore.

Its time to face the music, I cant have you.
Thats what hurts my heart.
But I cant do this, I gotta be true to you.
This is the hardest part.

Dont wanna break my own heart.
Should've stopped it from the start.
These are the facts, these are the things to tell Zac.

And the moment you kissed me, thats when I knew
What you mean to me, I dont mean to you.
And you'll never love me the way I love you.
But these are the facts, these are the things to tell Zac...
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Artist Notes
Put my heart into this one. Im 100% in love with someone who doesnt and wont love me the same way ever. And I could never possibly tell him, so I made a song. I wrote this late one night after spending time with my dear friend "Zac" and this was just right. This is my rough, at home, recording, but Im proud of the turn out.
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