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artist from nigeria
feel me by Duky
 Category:  Rap/Hip-Hop Music
  Posted: February 1, 2013      Views: 239

intro who dont know is duky....
feel me nanananananana feel menananananana feel me nanananananana feel me (vs1) am moving next to straggle not about the motion talking about the notion if you doubt me your hands up [sing] doubt me no more cos i gat flow door ah, [raps]money flow arround me talk of money i gat it i proclaim for you to feel me young duky we rap in line thats why djs play us in repeat you know i gat it money is nicee because of money guys do a lot of funnies it lookso funny when i talk of money they grab my cloth they say they eye are boring my eyes are boring i cant believe it cos my eyes are boring churos feel me nananananananananana feel me vs2 just take a look at me you like the way i sing i beleive in sky i walk so slow making my doo am just like a gold glowing everyday shining like the moon thats just for the hood just like intellecy said are you a smoker am not a smoker i said are you a smoker i said am not a smoker but when ever am in the stage i make things real just like tricks but i dont care so chain up the raps and fresh up the chain cos duky is in the buiding you gat me in the moon gat me in the moon. repeat churos
vs3 my voise is swelling though music is strong i shout kike cock dance like peacock if you wanna doudt me come with me i can make it clear clear to you am a dancer before i was a frown but now see me now igat the crown you cant get me down i kwow am going higher am made to blow i gat the doo i wear foriegn wears gat round bies with my round chain on my neck i say on my neck i ewear forign wear on my neck repeat churos
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Artist Notes
duration 4:01 size 3.69mb
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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