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Get it Together-KG Da Buddah by KG_Da_Buddah
 Category:  General Music
  Posted: June 6, 2012      Views: 152

Get it together

Whea U Goin Girl Jus Let Me Kno Unh, 2 A Place GPS Don't Show Huh??, U Don't Wanna Go U Don't Wanna Leave, I Don't Wanna Kno. Yy Don't U Jus Stay Wit Me, All Da Bullshit We done Been thru, U Gone Let Me Go nd Im Fin 2, Go Back 2 My Old Ways nd Girl U kno How I Play, With the Ups nd Downs, Look what I had Found A Badd Bitch Datz Gonna hold Nigga Down, A Savage Inda Bed who aint Known around town, But She Kno I Aint No Lame Cuz I kno Put It Down, Gotta Flame Hotter Den Lames in these Town, Semi Automatic Dick Gotta Flame hunnit round,, Shawty kno Me nd How I Put it Down, Fuk Wit Me when U kome around towm, Shawty U Kno How I Do it,...Fuk Wit Dis OG Type Music, Would U Ride 4 Ya Nigga,, Police start to kome would Ya Hide wit Ya nigga, Would U Lie 4 Yo Nigga, Don't U lie 2 A Nigga, If U'll Die 4 Ya Nigga, nd Swea They'll Lie 2 U Nigga, U Wanna Ride nd I Know its Tru But Look at Dis Shit Dat We Goin Thru,Girl U by My Side, Sittin In My Ride, Passenger Seat I Know U Feel My Vibe, Shawty Like Me So I Kno She Stay High, Been On Da Real No Time 4 Da Lies Yeah!!
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Artist Notes
Prod. By 1DIGITALmagik
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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