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A happy, kick butt song
Something To Make Me Sing by dutchessdnn
Song of the Month contest entry
 Category:  Country Music
  Posted: May 8, 2012      Views: 374

Donna Dutchess Songwriter´┐╝ Biography Stricken with spinal meningitis at the age of 18 months, Donna lost 60% of her hearing. Regardless, music has always been special in her life, remembering Ô??composingÔ?? symphonies in her head as early as 5 yea - more...

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Something To Make Me Sing
Lyrics by Debra Hollander
Music by Donna Dutchess

What tomorrow brings is so hard to say
Maybe everything will be alright, troubles will go away.
Seems like I've been on cush a bad streak!
Bad times you better let me be!

I've had my share of tears in my life,
Working hard, paying my dues, just gettn' by
Needed something to set my heart free,
Bad time you better let me be!

Gimme some sunshine, and blue skies
Some smiles comin back at me,
Good laughes, sweet feein; harmony!
Be gone you bad vibes and long cries!
I'm gonna make what tomorrow brings
Something to make me sing!

I've got it all figured out today
Everything's goona be alright, nothing will stand in my way
Whatever it is tha's headn' for me
Better be good or get out of my way! (chorus)
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