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This work has reached the exceptional level
Last track off of the concept album DeEvolution.
A Song of Unrest by Cynthesis
Song of the Month contest entry
 Category:  Rock/Pop Music
  Posted: May 8, 2012      Views: 549


The music of Cynthesis is created by musicians who are influenced by progressive, cinematic, Rock and Metal music.

Twin brothers, Jasun and Troy Tipton along with Erik Rosvold released two albums with the Progressive-Metal act Zero Hour. Mi - more...

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Just like the Phoenix I stand before my fall
I'm wrapped in wings of torment
feeling all
Just like the Phoenix I stand before my fall
I'm tossed in waves and torrents
seeing all

So why did I lie to me lie to me
and why I cannot say
In this failing light something bright
your distant beacons shine
and beckon me beckon me beckon to me

I came to take you all back to the city
but now there's a sense unlike before
all these lives leave me so sentimental
the sensation shakes me to the core

Just like the Phoenix that rose from it all
I regret with grief and horror that I came
to harvest souls

Why do you care for me care for me
and why do I feel the same
we can't stay here not even a day
the price you've paid must be reckoned
while the moon ascends in silver and blue

The world still turned but not for me
still I won't look back bitterly
Life went on I forgot just why
our promised land now stands a haven of lies
This home of ours now lays in sorrow
If there are no today's then there's no tomorrows
Our people will surely die
if we do not take our turn and learn to fly

So sing out into the night
Ring out sublime divine
So sing out the time is nigh
for I am home again

I came to enslave them came to enslave them all
but I felt my voice uncertain
then heard the elders call
We now stand together our mission takes its form
I hear the winds unfolding
the calm before the storm
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