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Rock song with original Kamacosmic, remixed!
You and Me - REMIX by kamacosmic
 Category:  Rock/Pop Music
  Posted: April 1, 2012      Views: 307


There is no monetary value to great music. It lives forever in the memories and hearts of those that true music touches. It's like gold refined in the fire in which after centuries and centuries have passed away.....You still can't get enough of hea - more...

The winner of the Song of the Month. You can listen to the song here.

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Stearin' out the nights so late
growin older you just can't wait
never knew you for so long this time
and everything is not the same
you're a perfect day you're a perfect name
and all along I thought that things were fine
Pre chorus
If I could then I would
You know? if I should
Come on over to your place tonight
Give me back the heart you stole from me - e -ay- e- ay
You never gave me anything
You wonder why it took so long for me
Or anything!
Broken promises I can't take
The fewer miles I didn't take
And all along I thought that things were fine
And every tear I shed for you
Lonely mama told me if I knew
Using time is all that's passed us by
Pre Chorus and Chorus..............
Fade out !
The end!
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Winn Records
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