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3 Sons of a Preacher by Adrianshawmusic
 Category:  Rock/Pop Music
  Posted: August 18, 2017      Views: 1

This is the Story of the 3 Sons of a Preacher
One became a Shepard tending to the people
One Succumbed to Evil
The other One Died a Hero

This is the Story of the 3 Sons of a Preacher
One stood Praying with the People
One felt his soul overcome by evil
One said, we'll stand strong wherever we go

Verse 1
He always Idolized his Father
in him, love flowed like water
So when he donned the robes of the reverend
He devoted his life to teaching lessons
He had big Shoes to fill
but in his heart his faith was real
when his flock fell ill
he said it must be gods will

But when the world came crashing down
All he could Say is lets all hold hands pray
when the world came crashing down
All he could Say is lets all hold hands pray

Chorus 2

Always got the women, always had the looks
Bad Boy Clever, never played it by the books
Never worked an honest day in his life
Stealing from the rich and the poor alike
at night he freed his mind with Drugs
all day every day he was running with Thugs
Until a robbery gone wrong he took another's life
that was the day he remembered wrong from right

Son I try to lead you down the righteous path
but one day i'll be gone and that will be your task
Now i've given you a home in which to live love and grow
I only Hope that
you choose the right road

In his memory echoed the words of his father
and now he knew he was a lost cause
beyond reception his soul was dammed
He never spoke with his family again

Chorus 3

He was the best of them all
learned how to walk before he could crawl
A fire burned in his heart
always lending a helping hand
Always did his part
When they came for his Family
He raised his fist and fought valiently
when he fell they cried for restitution
He became the idol of the revolution

Chorus 3

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Artist Notes
Guitars Di, Bass Di, Mixed and recorded in Logic Pro, All instrumentation and vocals by yours truly
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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